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Becoming a pencil artist

My passion for drawing started as a little girl. I always loved looking through my picture books and trying to draw what I saw.

Fast forward to high art teacher brought in a realistic graphite portrait he had drawn of an old womans face. It looked so real, like a photograph. I was amazed and had to learn how to draw that way!!

I started practicing with graphite and had a few friends ask me to draw for them. I got a few commissions and couldn't believe people would pay me to draw for them!

In 2002 I got married to my high school sweetheart and we started a family soon after that. I was still drawing commissions here and there, but was mainly focusing on raising my 3 boys and little girl.

Now that the kiddos are all school age I have had much more time to focus on drawing. I've also used this extra "me time" to teach myself how to draw with colored pencils.

The last couple years has been amazing and I've been blessed by wonderful people asking me to create pencil drawings for them. Words can't explain how grateful I am!! God is so good 🙌 and I'm looking forward to what the future brings!!

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